Wednesday, 1 June 2011

my wip

ok so i have finally managed to take pictures of my two WIP. Both are HAED designs.

Train of dreams started 31st december 2010. Almost got pages 1 and 2 finished (as you can see still a few stitches to put in)

Butterfly wood started 31st december 2010. Still on page 1, with quite a bit to go as you can see - i really should get stuck into this one more, but due to being on "white" colours i give up after only a small amount of time on it.Once i get onto the butterflies, or darker colours i am sure it will go quicker.

Both of these are on 25 count, one over one fabric. This is the first time ever using this as previously my smallest fabric was 18 count. I am however loving doing these, and i doubt i will go back to other larger fabrics.

Hope you like these, untill next time


1 comment:

mdgtjulie said...

Very, VERY pretty Eileen. Love both of your HAEDs, and can't wait to see more progress.