Saturday, 31 December 2011

happy new year & sal

happy new year everyone . Only 50 min to go here until the bells chime, and i have managed to get 1109 stitches done on the 2012 sal today. Unfortunately i made a mistake and had to take out around 300 or it could have been a lot more.

Sunday, 25 December 2011

New start - mini

Well i got this a couple of weeks back from Liz, and counldn't resist starting it.

It is mini - bed of clouds and i am doing it 2 over one in tent stitch.Due to xmas not alot has been done, but im sure once the madness is out of the way i will get stuck into it.This is the amount i have got done over the past 3 days (12 hours stitching time)

I have done the full width across, by about 11 rows down (except for a few stitches that will soon be clouds)

merry christmas every one, hope you have a good year

Monday, 19 December 2011

ihsw update

sorry i am slightly late in posting this, my hubby had the camera and is only just back from work. Due to christmas prep. , i did not manage to get my usual done, but i still managed a little over 2000.

Saturday, 17 December 2011

Just noticed

I just noticed that i have not yet posted about the kind women on the haed bb.
First off i got one from an anonymous person. World of the sea turtle.

Then on the 12th Dec Michelle got me the lovely Astronomy lesson, that reminds me of my two sons.
And on Friday morning (16th) i woke up to find two Raks waiting for me
mini bed of clouds from Liz, and floating lanterns from Simone. I feel so humble , with all these wonderful landies around me.Puts me to shame as i only had enough to give2 out this month :S.Oh well im sure their will be a few more given out before too long.

Now my rotation will be going up to either 13 or 14, i am in some serious trouble, but i am sure i will manage :D.

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

thread came today and first siberian forest update

So my threads came through today , but unfortunately one was missing from the bag.the other 232 arrived safe and sound, and now im just trying to think what to do with them all :S, here is a picture of them all in the bag they came in
Also i have done 4 days on siberian forest. Usually i would not do a post till after a week, but i am thinking of doing something else and so i thought i would post the little i have done

Thursday, 8 December 2011

So after stitching for the past few days on flights of imagination, i realised that 1000 of my stitches are in the wrong place. So i frogged half of them, then after getting fed up decided to start a new project - Siberian forest.

I am really enjoying myself so far, and afterwards hope to move onto dryad.I love being able to just pick up a new project whenever i feel like it.

Hopefully ill have a picture to show you in a few days

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Flight of Imagination ( Randal Spangler) 6th december 2011

just a quick update of my progress on flight of imagination , not done much as i spent 4 days sorting out my floss for my 5 new starts.And i get a RAK chart from a lovely anonymous person . I am so so greatful.