Monday, 15 December 2014

Dragon tiger

Another new start with the chart coming from the lovely paine free crafts... Can you see the dragon? ...

Tuesday, 2 December 2014


So sorry that i vanished has been crazy let alone other christmas preperations etc. That said i am almost finished so hopefully very soon you will manage to see lots of updates from me untill i go back to work in mid jan x
Only thing i have done recently is grid my wips in preperation to start my new rotation. Cant wait to see esme,planets and big cats come together xx

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Kizzi update

Update on kizzi now that i hope i have found a suitable app for my phone allowing me to post pics onto here.
I have now also started a new you can look forward to seeing alot more of -
Big cats
Planets align v
And a new start soaring free 2


Made hand made soap a few days ago and just got around to cutting it x

Monday, 29 September 2014

Planets align V - new start

Welcome to my new start - planets align V by tilton crafts. I am planning to do this chart 1 colour at a time,and will update it per colour/per row done. I am starting with the most used colour to the lesser colours. So the first few posts may be far between, but then others may be serveral within a day or two depending on amount of stitches. This is day 1 of it and what it is to become. Next post will be after a row is done.

Fun fact - their is no 310 (black)  in this chart

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Miscellaneous wips

These are the last few pictures I have of my wips, I hope you enjoy seeing what I have been doing and don't forget to look at my previous posts if this is the first one you have looked at

47.butterfly by joderyi
48. Hardanger by polstitches
49. Sea designs chart
50. Kuzumohime by tilton crafts
51. Blackwork butterflies
52. P.R sal
53. Big cats by tilton crafts
54. Ursula Micheal chart little boy (in thread pickerz silks)
55. Hummingbird by paine free crafts
56. Northern expressions twisted band sampler in my silks

Finish I love my sister by ursula Micheal (in thread pickerz silks)

So that is all my wips that I can find /remember at the moment. Hope you have looked the several posts and I will keep you updated and show you the others once I find them x

Love thy thread wips

Love thy thread wips

41. Geisha xl (done in my hand dyed silks)
43. Mermaid
44. In my home
45. Pirate lady. (picture not shown as I can't find it at the moment)
46. Sal (again can't see it at the moment)

Paine free designs wips

All my wips from paine free crafts

34. Night owl
35. Awwooo
36. Colours of spring
37. Esmeralda
38. Colourful wolf
39. Mr grumpy
40. Celtic knot heart (done in my own hand dyed silk)

A.A.N wips

Alessandra adelaide needlework

31.a magical night

*finish - tea

32. Owl tree

33. Picture not shown as I can't find it at the moment is corsetto, will update with a picture when I can find it

My own designs

Numbers 26-30 are all my own designs, picture 2, also shows ann heart

Heaven and earth design wips part 2

Part 2

14. Sk collection of cats tales
15. Train of dreams
16. Light
17. The forgotten
18. Glacier lily
19. World of the sea turtles
20. Seaside memories (this was my grans who passed away last January)
21. Chlorine
22. Rio
23. Q's alice
24 q's seahorse
25. Unleash the butterflies

Heaven and earth design wips part 1

In an effort to keep the page size down I have split my posts of wips into designers. This is part one of my haed wips. Each wip will have a number, the numbers are only to keep track of how many wips I have x I hope you like them

1. Lady bug
2. Once was innocent colour
3. Butterfly wood
4. Little miss Deelish
5. Teddy bear tree sal
6. Heather sal
7. Boy with daisies q's
8. Flight of imagination
9. Gypsy firefly
10. Mini bed of clouds
11. Dahlia
12. Siberian forest
13. Dryad