Monday, 29 August 2011

another new chart .......

this is a new chart i have bought. I know you say another???

but it goes so well with train of your dreams. :D

Friday, 26 August 2011

My birthday

Well today is my birthday , and i am finally able to order my fabric so i can do all my charts :D, i cant wait til it arrives.

I am sorry their has been no updates recently. i have been doing very little cross stitch as i have been too ill. I did manage to complete a small eeyore ( alot easier than holding a large frame to do my haed) and am hoping that come sunday ill be back to my haed.

I will try and post later with the eeyore and dryad update, if i get a free minute.

Sunday, 21 August 2011

New charts

well today i have bought 3 new charts.

Twilight shimmer, only one home and celestial night

i have sat and counted up all the stitches to all my charts , at a rate of 400 a day it will take me a little over 10 years to do :S

Saturday, 20 August 2011

dryad update - week 6

well, this isn't wuite a weeks, update as its only been from wed. but this is how much i have done so far

Monday, 15 August 2011

butterfly wood restart

over the past couple of days i have done some work on butterfly wood. As i stitched i became more and more aware of a line between my first and second pages.Then , for some unknown reason, one of the threads i stitched with was very mucky ( its winter white , 3865? i think) compaired to the rest. So after i showed my gran ( who taught me how to cross stitch and has been my mentor since i was 6 ( 20 years ago) ) we both decided i should start again.It means no frogging, and also that i can take care to not have any page lines.

It is annoying having to start again , but it would be more annoying to continue , get further on - or finished and still not be happy with it. So it has went back into a bag - and can get used up for the 2012 freebie sal ( if haed holds it again - i missed the mid year one , as i joined the bb forum 2 weeks after it closed)

So i have put dryad back up and will do another week on that - starting tomorrow. Then it will be train of dreams, then hopefully ill have my new fabric through and i can toss for butterfly wood restart or fire moon.

A quick question for everyone.Do you like weekly updates, or would people rather i updated every other day ( unless ofcourse no work was done on a piece)

If it's weekly updates, you see (obviously depending on the week i have) around 2800 - 4200 stitches completed since the last update. If its every 2 days or so it would be about 800 - 1200 stitches. Just wondering what you all thought best.

Saturday, 13 August 2011

dryad week 5

so thats another week on dryad done, going to work on butterfly wood for a bit

sorry the pics are not the best.really need a better camera , and some sun wouldn't go a miss

lots of images now up

that is the link to see some images, still not all of them but the only way you can see them all is password protected.Doubt anyone would be that interested but if so drop me a message(and i can - once i get it - give you the password)

I cant believe how good some of them look, ( i say some, as i had a mark on my dress and in a few i can see it) but i was alot more worried and thought it would show up alot more than it does. So im a happy camper.And his work is great!

wedding slideshow now up

well today the photographer uploaded my wedding slideshow

im so so happy with it , and cant wait to see all the other pictures, which he said should be up within the next day or two

Saturday, 6 August 2011

millenium frame has arrived

Well this morning , my millenium frame arrived, and i love it. My other frame didn't hold dryad tight enough, as im sure some of you may remember, and it was driving me through the roof.But my new frame is perfect, so easy to set up and no need for andy to tighted my bars (as i have no strength in my arms). :D It was totally worth the price, and i very much doubt i will ever need a new frame again.

I got the 27" by 12" - 14" frame. I will try and get pics up for you later when andy is home with the phone.

Thursday, 4 August 2011


so i have picked up my cross stitch for the first time in just over a week, to find that the false nails that i got put on for the wedding interfer with my x stitching :S.

It is taking me so much longer to try and get the needle that its starting to annoy me. :(, its not fair

Monday, 1 August 2011

wedding day

well today is the day. Its pouring down with rain.And i have been up since 5 thanks to my youngest son. But hears hoping everything else goes ok. Cant believe next time i post i'll be mrs hoare.