Friday, 22 June 2012

First haed finish

Dragonflies is now finished .
started wed 13th june 12, finished fri 22nd june 12.
1 over 1 on 28 count hand dyed fabric "mermaid" from crafty kitten. stitched with hdf silks and petit treasure braid

Thursday, 7 June 2012

new pieces.

Well recently i decided to do some new pieces on hand dyed fabric and silk floss. Unfortunately the materials have yet to show up, but untill they do i will post what i do have ready for it.

First off the charts that i will be doing in silk - qs lady bug, qs seahorse, qs dragonflies, and qs butterfly two. I will also be getting some hand dyed fabby from crafty kitten to do -  orchid 2 qs, dragon sugilite, and possibly qs hummingbird and floating lights. (and lady bug/seahorse and dragonflies )

Below is pictures of 3 of the silk/hand dyed fabby charts, and how i will be stitching them.

Light by dahlig

the sky is actually b5200 (along with 2 other colours) if it looks slightly yellow to you, im afraid its probably due to the picture being took at night , rather than natural daylight.


I am sorry everyone for not updating this very often recently. Unfortunately my laptop went and so i was left with only my iphone.
I found using the iphone hard when it came to uploading on here,and so just left it to only updating facebook.

The good news is that i now have a new netbook, and apart from some problems getting used to this new keypad (which i am sure i will get used to in the next few days), i can update.

So hopefully later tonight you will see what little i have gotten upto, and keep watching over the next week, as i will be receiving 7 new pieces of material and for the first time ever i will be receiving and using silks.

I can't wait till i can get to use them and hope they do not take to much longer to arrive, as it has already been a week and a half, and i dont expect them till tuesday at the minimum.