Thursday, 28 July 2011

Once was Innocent

hi all
Well thanks to wedding plans, my stitching hasn't came along very well. I only managed to stitch fri to tue. But here is my progress over those fw days. Wish i could have stitched my usual, as i could have finished my page.


With my wedding only hours away 1st august @ 2pm ( 99 hours 20 minutes) today will be my last day to squeeze in some stitching

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Not again :(

i have just noticed all my work that i did yesterday is different colour from previous. Even although it is the same number. I am so fed up with this happening i just fee like giving up

Monday, 25 July 2011

im so happy. After starting once was innocent on friday, that is me just finished 1/2 a page.
I am hoping to be able to finish the full page within 1 week. It helps that their is only really 4 colours on page one. (except for about 100 stitches.)

Friday, 22 July 2011

Should i restart

Well last night i was doing a test bit on my new fabric since i hadn't worked on 27 count before (only the 25 count) and i love it. So much so, that all the work i have done over the past month on dryad, i am thinking of redoing on 27 count.
Trouble is i don't much fancy having to redo all the work. And since black is really only in her hair and most of it is lighter brown/ peach shades ( skin / background etc) then i don't think it will annoy me as much. On top of that for some reason i don't seem to be getting as many "white spots" ( where my fabric slightly shows between stitches) like i do on my train of dreams.

Decisions, decisions. At least i have a wee while to ponder it all through. But firemoon will definitely be on 27 count, all that black :o, best not have any white spots showing on that one

Thursday, 21 July 2011

my last Dryad pic, till next rotation

Well this is the last pic i have taken of dryad, before packing it away. I now have my fabric sorted for the new start sal. :D

As you can see, i decided to do the butterfly in her hair last night. I cant wait till she is comes back round in my rotation.

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Dryad - week 4 - page 2 finished!

So this will be my last week on dryad (as if my fabric arrives ill be starting n once was innocent (colour) for the new start sal. But it will be back soon)
I have managed to finish the 2nd page, and here it is

I love doing this design, and i expect it to become my main focus. So i will be doing twice as much on this one as any of my other 4.

finished page 2

i have finally just finished page two of dryad.
I can't believe it has only took 4 weeks. :D

Will get a pic of it up tomorrow, i am too tired tonight to do it (1am here)But i just had to stay up and finish the page :D

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Hope / wedding

I hope i get some time after gutting out the kids room to do my cross stitch, as i am only a few hundred away from finishing page 2 :D, just in time for tomorrows update.


On a side note, now only 13 days till the wedding.I have the house to gut this week. On wed 27th i need to pay everyone involved in the wedding (ie. car, piper, flowers etc). On the 29-30th i am staying at my mums and getting my hair done, my nails done, and a make up trail. then on the 31st i am back down to Kilmarnock to stay at my dads, as its the night before the wedding. Also at some point i need  to sqeeze in a trip to hobbycraft so i can get materials to do my order of service, and need to do my table plan, also write out seating cards, buy a tiara, wrap the favours........ My list is endless :(

I wonder if it is ok to cheat when working out my average stitches a day, and not count the days i didn't stitch a single stitch. That way my average will not be compromised. LOL

Monday, 18 July 2011


Well today i got a RAK chart of patty harrison, as an early wedding present. It is firemoon and i am hoping to have it started within the next month or so.
I actually got it saturday - but due to a email glitch, didn't know what gift it was, till only 30 min or so ago. So thank you a lot Patty, its much apprecited

Thursday, 14 July 2011

page finish

so now that my oh is back home i thought i would post a pic of my page completely finished. Plus the extra stitches i put in between my last post at just before 10pm, and 4am when i decided to go to bed. Think ill be paying for it today.

new thread storage

So my old way of storing threads by group in food bags was driving me insane.So when i saw these little drawers in the £ shop, i decided to get 5. And make it into 2 loads of 7 (gave the extra one to other half) So now i have a drawer per group (ie. 100's, 200's, 300's etc) its so much easier

Wednesday, 13 July 2011


hi all , this is my 3rd week working on dryad.I have now finished page 1. ( i know that it has seven stitches still to do in the pic below - but other half had to leave before i could finish them - and the only camera i have is on his phone.) But i have now finished the page, and this makes it the first page i have now finished on a HAED chart.

Saturday, 9 July 2011


So this morning i got up pleased that i had finished all the grey, ( over 2000 stitches) only to realize that it is the wrong colour. It is extremely close to the colour it should be, only a tiny bit darker, but it is quite hard to tell. Should i leave it in or take out all the stitches?

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Week 2 Dryad Update

Hi all, so i have finally sorted the rest of my threads, and can now post my dryad update. I am a little behind my 600 a day average count, due to the past two days spent at my grans, but i am sure over the next 2 days this should be caught up.
I am really please with how it is turning out, and how the greens have finally started to show up.

Threads arrived !!!

Well i have just got back from my gran's today , to find the rest of my threads for dryad have arrived :D, so i think i will be sorting them out today, to get ready for stitching.

Ill try and get my 2 weeks progress up later today as well.(If the thread sorting doesnt take to long - usually it wouldn't but i also have to sort out mine from my grans, as i have bought her her first 'haed' to do as well :D.

So all happy times, its so good to calm down with some cross stich esp in all the wedding planning madness