Sunday, 30 October 2011

Poll now up - please help me decide

SO i am sitting tonight wondering what should be my next HAED chart that i get. I know i already have so many on the go, but one is going to take a back seat for a while, as i have lost all intrest in her at the moment. So would like something to replace her with. The poll is already set up to the right of the page, but below are the pictures of the charts i like
 mini peacock lagoon
 siberian forest 
 emerald hawthorn & mini emerald hawthorn
 gypsy firefly

I really would love them all, but santa is poor this year, so only going to allow myself one of them.Thank you for your help.


irishcream06 said...

I really like the first one, beautiful bright colours for these dull winter days

Joysze said...

I voted for large Emerald. My question is... why is calling you the loudest? :)

mcewan07 said...

all joysze, thats my problem. i have wanted siberian forest since it came out. but as soon as gypsie firefly cam out i was like :O.
So i guess if i was only to pick one ever i would be stuck out of them both. but i love the peacock one, as i love the colours in it, and emerald hawthorn i think looks glorious. and i can see her up on the wall more than forest or firefly :S, so its too hard to decide.

My hubby said he will get me Gypsie firefly, so hopefully ill have her soon, and a friend may be getting me peacock lagoon, so i should hopefully be able to get them all( i mean if i am trying to buy one, i may as well try for 2 :D). :D, my poor schedual just went flying i think.

Nina said...

I really love Peacock Lagoon, Marchetti does an amazing job with the colours. I've started one of his charts but well, I've started many other charts as well so she has to wait her turn in my "rotation". Siberian forest is a close second, I need to put it on my wishlist after seeing it here. Never noticed it before.