Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Miscellaneous wips

These are the last few pictures I have of my wips, I hope you enjoy seeing what I have been doing and don't forget to look at my previous posts if this is the first one you have looked at

47.butterfly by joderyi
48. Hardanger by polstitches
49. Sea designs chart
50. Kuzumohime by tilton crafts
51. Blackwork butterflies
52. P.R sal
53. Big cats by tilton crafts
54. Ursula Micheal chart little boy (in thread pickerz silks)
55. Hummingbird by paine free crafts
56. Northern expressions twisted band sampler in my silks

Finish I love my sister by ursula Micheal (in thread pickerz silks)

So that is all my wips that I can find /remember at the moment. Hope you have looked the several posts and I will keep you updated and show you the others once I find them x


Spice up your Life said...

OMG amazing Eileen! I love love Big Cats. And love your choice of fabric on all of your wipS too!. I assume the black one is Kuzumohime? I have her in my stash and itchy to start!

Annie said...

I just read all your posts with all your WIPs listed. Amazing bunch of projects you have going, and your stitching is beautiful on all of them! I also love the fabrics you've chosen.

They are all so wonderful I don't know how you ever decide which to work on!

Maureen said...

That's some amount of wips you've got there Eileen! Looking forward to seeing your progress on them

Anonymous said...

You have so many wip´s! Will look forward to see your progress :)