Sunday, 16 November 2014

Kizzi update

Update on kizzi now that i hope i have found a suitable app for my phone allowing me to post pics onto here.
I have now also started a new you can look forward to seeing alot more of -
Big cats
Planets align v
And a new start soaring free 2


borduurbloemfan steevens said...

hello busy stitcher...

Have read your whole blog the last days and wow your are a busy person... I have 3 wips, your in the 50 I think hihi!! How do you do ever finish something big? But really what a beautiful heads do you own...

Love reading your lovely blog and hope to see more in the future

greetings from belgium

mcewan07 said...

Thank you for commenting. In answer to your question i dont finish anything big. Well not yet, that is why i will be doing a new rotation to hopefully get a few finishes done

harada57 said...
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