Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Day 8 on walls

Day 8 on walls sees me finishing 9 pages of black. I am enjoying this chart but will soon need to retate on.


Cinzia said...

I do not know if you read your blog anymore but just wanted to give it a try, because I have a question for you: if your blog comes up in another blog (like mine since I follow you), the picture that shows is of a cross stitch that I have been looking for. I toured your blog but found no such WIP, so I do not know why it does appear but I am hoping you have the name and designer for it, if you do would you let me know?

Thank you,

mcewan07 said...

Do you mean where to find the chart for this cross stitch?
If so its from paine free crafts

mcewan07 said...

Replyed below

mcewan07 said...


SRUN POR said...

I was very fortunate to be able to visit your page.

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