Saturday, 17 December 2011

Just noticed

I just noticed that i have not yet posted about the kind women on the haed bb.
First off i got one from an anonymous person. World of the sea turtle.

Then on the 12th Dec Michelle got me the lovely Astronomy lesson, that reminds me of my two sons.
And on Friday morning (16th) i woke up to find two Raks waiting for me
mini bed of clouds from Liz, and floating lanterns from Simone. I feel so humble , with all these wonderful landies around me.Puts me to shame as i only had enough to give2 out this month :S.Oh well im sure their will be a few more given out before too long.

Now my rotation will be going up to either 13 or 14, i am in some serious trouble, but i am sure i will manage :D.