Wednesday, 14 December 2011

thread came today and first siberian forest update

So my threads came through today , but unfortunately one was missing from the bag.the other 232 arrived safe and sound, and now im just trying to think what to do with them all :S, here is a picture of them all in the bag they came in
Also i have done 4 days on siberian forest. Usually i would not do a post till after a week, but i am thinking of doing something else and so i thought i would post the little i have done


Joysze said...

Whoah!! NICE DMC's!!! :D

Great going on Siberian. The gray greens in there are so nice against the black.

mcewan07 said...

Thanks, I asked hubby how many colours were in their ... he said 3. When i counted their was 10 :s

2 dark blues,black dark browns and greens a lighter grey blue and various shades of grey

Aderye said...

Looking good, what you gona be moving on to?

I want a bag of threads like that :P

Elisa said...

First, what a beautiful embroidery to make. The colors are beautiful together.

Ewa said...

That's not a little - that's quote a lot! Also, I'm drooling over your DMC's!