Thursday, 7 June 2012

new pieces.

Well recently i decided to do some new pieces on hand dyed fabric and silk floss. Unfortunately the materials have yet to show up, but untill they do i will post what i do have ready for it.

First off the charts that i will be doing in silk - qs lady bug, qs seahorse, qs dragonflies, and qs butterfly two. I will also be getting some hand dyed fabby from crafty kitten to do -  orchid 2 qs, dragon sugilite, and possibly qs hummingbird and floating lights. (and lady bug/seahorse and dragonflies )

Below is pictures of 3 of the silk/hand dyed fabby charts, and how i will be stitching them.


sharine said...

Can't wait to see them.

mdgtjulie said...

Cool, those are gonna be so pretty.

Melinda said...

Please forgive if this seems a stupid question - but will you be stitching these charts, in the colors you have highlighted on the charts? Or is it a way to tell which stitches to stitch? If you have posted on this before, please forgive, and direct me to your prior posts. Thank you

mcewan07 said...

I forgot to leave a post on here about how i will be doing these.Sorry about that melinda, after putting it on fb i thought i had done so here, but obviously not.

The colours they have been coloured is similar to how they will be stitched - the mein exception is that the dragonflies will be a bright blue, and the middle of the flowers.But unfortunately i had lost my blue when i done the dragonflies, and i didnt have enough yellow/orange shades for the inside of the flowers.
But basically each colour represents a different thread colour. Hopefully i will get my supplies in the next week (only been waiting for 2 weeks so far) and ill get it started so you can see :D.

If you have any other questions feel free to ask me