Thursday, 7 June 2012


I am sorry everyone for not updating this very often recently. Unfortunately my laptop went and so i was left with only my iphone.
I found using the iphone hard when it came to uploading on here,and so just left it to only updating facebook.

The good news is that i now have a new netbook, and apart from some problems getting used to this new keypad (which i am sure i will get used to in the next few days), i can update.

So hopefully later tonight you will see what little i have gotten upto, and keep watching over the next week, as i will be receiving 7 new pieces of material and for the first time ever i will be receiving and using silks.

I can't wait till i can get to use them and hope they do not take to much longer to arrive, as it has already been a week and a half, and i dont expect them till tuesday at the minimum.


Melinda said...

So happy to see you will be posting I love your choice of WIPS and enjoy your updates. Good luck with your netbook, and looking forward to your wip with silks

mcewan07 said...

Thanks Melinda, ill be updating within the next hour. And if the net book annoys me, we will be getting a new laptop also within the next week so ill be able to jump on that. Bet i am sure that i will get used to this wee thing. most of it is fine , but the keys are large and its hard to adjust my spacing and i often end up hitting the key next to the one i want, that and the multi gesture pad that keeps trying to move or copy or scroll when i do not want it to.
As i said im sure ill get used to it sooner or later xxx