Tuesday, 1 January 2013

New designs

So recently I have found a couple of other designers.
Tilton crafts that I have not yet started a chart from. (although I have bought one which I plan to do in june sal)
And (Sarah Paine) Paine free crafts

From Sarah I have one chart started and another I plan to start soon (it should hopefully be released in next few days)

Colours of spring (which I have started ) and esmeralda soon to be started are the pictures shown.


demeter83 said...

I'm also quite addicted to both designers, they're going to cost me a fortune!
Also, are you Eileen who's also on facebook?

demeter83 said...

I've just checked further down your page and recognised your WIPs, yes you are Eileen, didn't realise I was following your blog, so many pretties in one place!
I'm one of the many Kims by the way.