Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Update on all wips

This is an update on all my wips. Any details for them if not posted in previous posts I will put in future posts when they are up for viewing.
I think it is good putting all my wips up here and will do so every new year, to show progress or lack of it.

These are all my heaven and earth design wips (with exception of the bb sal and mini the forgotten as its packed away just now)

Hannah Lynn montage
qs boy with daisies
glacier lily
mini bed of clouds
once was innocent (colour)
sk collection of cats tales
flight of imagination
Butterfly wood
Siberian forest
Gypsy firefly
little miss deelish
qs ladybug
Qs dahlia
World of sea turtles
Train of dreams
Mini unleash the butterflies

If you need to know which is which just ask but hopefully thy will all show in order xxx



megan_bright said...

Wow, so many beautiful WIPs!!

Keebles said...

So many at one time! I am completely amazed!!

Paula said...

Well it seems I´m not only one who has many many projects going on same time ;)