Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Hope / wedding

I hope i get some time after gutting out the kids room to do my cross stitch, as i am only a few hundred away from finishing page 2 :D, just in time for tomorrows update.


On a side note, now only 13 days till the wedding.I have the house to gut this week. On wed 27th i need to pay everyone involved in the wedding (ie. car, piper, flowers etc). On the 29-30th i am staying at my mums and getting my hair done, my nails done, and a make up trail. then on the 31st i am back down to Kilmarnock to stay at my dads, as its the night before the wedding. Also at some point i need  to sqeeze in a trip to hobbycraft so i can get materials to do my order of service, and need to do my table plan, also write out seating cards, buy a tiara, wrap the favours........ My list is endless :(

I wonder if it is ok to cheat when working out my average stitches a day, and not count the days i didn't stitch a single stitch. That way my average will not be compromised. LOL

1 comment:

Aderye said...

You need to make some stitching time to chill out. Plus we need to see a finished page 2 tomorrow :)

You've got a busy couple of week but you'll get it all done.