Saturday, 9 July 2011


So this morning i got up pleased that i had finished all the grey, ( over 2000 stitches) only to realize that it is the wrong colour. It is extremely close to the colour it should be, only a tiny bit darker, but it is quite hard to tell. Should i leave it in or take out all the stitches?


threadbear said...

oh no! that is a tough question though :-( if it were me I would have to frog it as it would bug me knowing that it was wrong. But on the other hand, if you can't tell and no-one else knows .. then it should be ok! oops that wasn't very helpful was it?? hope you get it sorted x

mcewan07 said...

i started on page 3 , doing the same symbol as the mistake but in the right colour (hope that makes sense ) and i cant tell the difference myself, i need to count the stitches to see where each page starts/finishes. So ill ask my OH but i think i will leave it. At the end of the day if i cant tell the difference, by the time all the other colours are in and its all finished no one will be able to tell :D

Thanks for trying to help, usually i would frog it, but since i cant honestly tell the difference i think i will leave it