Friday, 22 July 2011

Should i restart

Well last night i was doing a test bit on my new fabric since i hadn't worked on 27 count before (only the 25 count) and i love it. So much so, that all the work i have done over the past month on dryad, i am thinking of redoing on 27 count.
Trouble is i don't much fancy having to redo all the work. And since black is really only in her hair and most of it is lighter brown/ peach shades ( skin / background etc) then i don't think it will annoy me as much. On top of that for some reason i don't seem to be getting as many "white spots" ( where my fabric slightly shows between stitches) like i do on my train of dreams.

Decisions, decisions. At least i have a wee while to ponder it all through. But firemoon will definitely be on 27 count, all that black :o, best not have any white spots showing on that one


mdgtjulie said...

I don't think I'd restart it, but if you really think it will bother you, maybe you SHOULD. It all depends on if you can live with it!!

mcewan07 said...

i think i can live with it. I keep thinking - if i restart, i can change the problem i had with the colours, but it also means im 2 pages behind - which i dont like the thought of

mdgtjulie said...

If you can live with it, then go for it!!