Saturday, 20 August 2011

dryad update - week 6

well, this isn't wuite a weeks, update as its only been from wed. but this is how much i have done so far


mdgtjulie said...

Those colors are soooo pretty. I really love this chart so far. It's definitely on my to be stitched list!!

mcewan07 said...

im sure you will love stitching it, if/when , you get around to it.
I thought when i agreed to do it for my hubby , that i would get board. due to it being green shades or brown shades. but i was totally wrong.I love how i can stitch for days and not "see" what im stitching, but then on a day like last night , when i filled in all those white spaces (at the top left hand side) it suddenly all comes together :D

Aderye said...

As always it looks amazing.