Wednesday, 28 March 2012


So i was sitting thinking and wondering what to do ( cross stitching wise ) and saw a post on facebook saying her she would be doing a certain chart as that is the one the randomizer chose. So i decided to do the same, and this is the order it came out in.

There were 10 items in your list. Here they are in random order:
  1. gypsy firefly
  2. dryad
  3. train of dreams
  4. once was innocent
  5. teddie tree
  6. world of sea turtles
  7. flight of imagination
  8. siberian forest
  9. mini bed of clouds
  10. butterfly wood
This post is more for my info so i remember this is the order i am going to be working in. I am unsure yet wither it will be a weekly change, fortnightly, page by page?? i am not sure but this is the order i shall do them. Obviously i am working on dryad( well i might be - i have had pinsand needles in my hand constantly for the past few days and have done no stitching since sunday :S)  till friday. On friday this list will take affect.

We will see how long i can stick to it.


Nina said...

Hi! How is your rotation working? :) It's really fun idea to use randomizer! I've tried several different kind of rotations and couldn't stuck any of them. So I stitch which ever calls me the loudest and change WIP page by page. Hope your hand is better and you can carry on stitching! :)


Melinda said...

I have no luck with Rotations either, I love all the pieces you are working on, and enjoy watching your progress.

Good luck - and definitely hope your hand is better soon